Sunday, March 20, 2011

Room Addition Update

Not sure what I want to write about the Daddy and hip stuff so just some more pictures of the room addition:
Looking in to where the old bathroom WAS.  All framed in.

My new closet...he's got one on the other side.

Our new view from the doors.  There will be a new patio where we can move the hot tub.

What a mess.  Hope they get this cleaned up soon.


Char said...

looks like it's coming along

Kay said...

It's amazing that with the addition you still have a huge yard. We have next to nothing. And a hot tub? Wow!

Katydid said...

I am feeling sorry for you right now. But soon it will be finished then I will be happy for you. We remodeled a house in Jenks for 15 years! One bathroom and 4 kids! We sold it and are now remodeling the house we bought 3 years ago. It never ends.
Happy Spring!