Monday, January 10, 2011

Step One

Step One:  Hang pictures.

The Hubby finally was able to start hanging the pictures in my messy room.  See the cat in the middle.  That picture was in my room (shared with Sis) for our entire lives and when I moved out, 35 years ago this month, it came with me.  I have always loved that picture and it hung in our girls rooms too.  My mother painted it.  Now, let me explain that it is not an original put a paint-by-number on canvas that was rolled up.  That picture is at least 60 years old and I love it.  The bottle and tomato on the right was done by Granny (Mom's mom).  The one on the left I don't know but I like it.  And of course on the easel are some of my paintings, unfinished and my goal to paint while on break has not happened.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of class.  Hope it happens.

This one is a print that I bought for the youngest, A, and it hung in her room for a long time but she didn't want to move it.  I love it too and it is appropriate for me since I love books so much.  It is above my chair that I sit in all the time.   
Now we come to my art.  This wall will house some of my art and it will change occasionally, according to what I sell (HINT!!!).

This area is above my desk/table.  The shelf is flanked by two book shelves and originally a bed slid under the shelf but since it is my room it houses a table, my desk.  Those are my diplomas:  Associates-Business Administration, Bachelors-Organizational Leadership, and Dale Carnegie certificate (worked hard for that one too.)

Today, since it is black ice kind of stuff means that I'm staying put.  I guess I could go to work, maybe later but this morning while the roads are iffy, I'm in.  I don't want to be the guinea pig on the roadways at 5:30 in the morning.  I'm supposed to take Daddy to the hip doctor but hey, not making a new hip guy have to try and walk on black ice.  Besides it is supposed to start snowing later.  If I don't have to get out in it I WON'T!  This may but a hitch in my workout time but I'm just not going to fall and break a wrist or something.  A friend of mine, a few years ago, stepped out of her car at the movie theatre onto black ice, slipped and broke her knee, OUCH!  That would be me if not careful. 

Today I will stay in and finish cleaning up the room, that is my plan. 


♥Kathy♥ said...

Love the painting of the cat. I don't blame you on not wanting to get outside today. I need to go to Sams Club but think I might just take a pass on it.

Mamarazzi said...

love the kitty cat, so sweet!

careful in that whacky weather...skeery!!

Char said...

i remember paint by numbers - i loved them

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Paint by numbers is the only way I can paint successfully! I love that sunset over the lake and your giraffes look good too. It's snowing lightly here now but I think you got it worse than us so far. It's going to be 17 by 5pm here!

Kay said...

What fun to know that artistic talent runs in your family. It's fabulous to have three generations of artwork on your walls.

Afton said...

I thought Great-Granny did the cat one and had no idea she did the bottle one. Does Papa still have that one Granny did of the drift wood? She told me she did that with India ink. I'll never forget Granny teaching me how to draw people. I still use her technique to this day.

The room's looking good and I can't wait to see what you do with that giraffe painting. Love that one.

Flea said...

I love the sunset over the water. :) If I didn't already have artwork stuffed into closets, I'd be knocking on your door for artwork. LOVE the note cards!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the wall color matched the color of the blog. Did you realize that?

I like your room and your work on the wall.

carma said...

I love that you have such meaningful artwork. We are the same way with what we put on our walls.

My husband is also a Dale Carnegie "grad" - he always says he is using his "principles" ;-)