Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laughter, Tiara's, Dance and Awards

The weekend is over.  It is Sunday evening and I'm quickly posting so I don't miss a day here.  It is nearly 10 pm, my bedtime and it has been a great weekend.  We spent the weekend at the cabin and Saturday was an evening with friends eating, drinking a lot of wine while watching the Miss America pageant, with our own special commentary.  Yes, you did read right, lots of wine.  I have to admit I drank a bottle, not really a good thing but I did accommodate it on my diet!  The watching a pageant show wasn't on the agenda but when the guys went outside to smoke a cigar we descended on the television to quickly turn to something else but football and found the show.  What fun we had adding our own thoughts to what was happening.

Tonight we went to see Burn The Floor after dinner at the PAC.  It was pretty awesome but I was a bit disappointed that they hyped Ashleigh and Ryan from So You Think You Can Dance and they hardly hit the stage.  They would pop onto stage and dance a few steps about 3 times and off they went.  I have to say I much preferred one guy named Igor, yummy! 

On a side note, we went to see True Grit on Thursday...Great Movie!

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Territory Mom said...

Sounds like fun. I watched the pageant until the last 30 minutes. My daughter took over and I let her. Anyway, I can't wait to see True Grit. I'm glad it's a good.