Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year, A New Day, A New Perspective

It is a new year, new week, new day and I have a new perspective, I hope, on my life!  Impressive huh!  Last night I bit the bullet and told The Hubby I joined Weight Watchers and that I would be going to meetings on Tuesday nights.  He was tickled, as I knew he would be.  Honestly, other than my own way, Weight Watchers is the only diet that I have had success on, several years ago and so that is where I am going back too, for now.  This morning I got up with a new zeal and energy, ready for the treadmill.  I was surprised to find it seemed easier today (after being laid up for 2 weeks) and actually did a bit of light running without feeling an ache or pain in my knees or heal.  Sometimes when I get off the darned thing I can hardly walk but today it was easy, for a change.  Even though I still have snot nose I was able to feel like hitting that treadmill again.  I am looking forward to everyday for now, while the sun shines at least, because I know spring is coming.  The sun is kind of a tease because it is bitter cold outside but I'll take what I can get.  I have a lot of projects on the board to accomplish in the next few months, which is key to me not getting the depression thing going.  Now that Christmas is all put away I have room (Christmas wrapping station) in My room to rearrange my art corner and I told The Hubby it was time after 4 years to finally hang some pictures up in there.  They are just in a pile around the room and now that I have some of my own stuff I want to hang some of them too.  I may just fill the walls with art stuff!  What do you think? 

See the center of this picture, of the old couple with what looks like a ruffle under his chin.  Well, they are my great-something grandparents.  The picture hung in my greatgranny's house for as long as I can remember... 
I have coveted that picture all my life and the other day one of my cousins, who has the picture, asked if I wanted it!  Hell yeah!  I'm pretty excited but won't get my hopes up too much until it is in my hot little hands!  Now I've got to remember who they are exactly. 

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Flea said...

LOOOOOVE your wall!!! Especially the centerpiece!

Wait. Spring is coming? Girl, we haven't even seen winter yet! I WANT MY SNOW!!! Once I get my snow, you can have your spring. How does that sound?