Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Woe Is Me

Oh woe is me.  Went into the office this morning to pay a bunch of bills when the Internet hiccuped and lost the connection.  I rebooted, twice but still no connection.  Well, I can deal but HAVE to have it by tomorrow for payroll.  Then I get ready to start typing checks and the keyboard flat does not work, AT ALL!  EGAD!!!!!  Emergency call to the nephew and our computer go to guy.  He gives me tips on what to do but the last resort is to reboot with no keyboard, no passwords.  Finally, our #2 in the office came in, after my frantic call and we figured that the USB port the keyboard was plugged into was not working.  Okay, we now have keyboard but still no Internet.  He proceeds to diagnose and figure out the connection in the wall is wonky.  I left him kicking around with it all, home to have a bit of lunch and paint.  Tomorrow I will have to go in early and work.  A longer day for sure.

Daddy's doctor appointment with hip doctor went fine yesterday.  Actually the doc didn't look at anything but just came in and discussed what we want to do in 6-8 weeks, a bone scan.  He wants to make sure that the infection is not chronic,  If it is that would mean two surgeries.  Definitely don't want to go down that road.  Daddy is getting around so much better now, especially without the cane.  He looks great I think.  Back to the surgeon next week to check the wound progress and it seems to be healing very well.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Continuing the diet thing and doing well.  Since cleaning up the room I found the little gadget I bought last year to help.  It is a thing called BodyMedia, as seen on Biggest Loser on the left arms of the contestants.  I finally decided that I would try it out. 
Surprisingly, it is pretty cool but you have to wear it 24/7.  I slept in it last night and am not sure that I will continue that practice as my arm has an imprint but it is really not uncomfortable.  It keeps track of my steps, calories (after entering the meals), sleep, etc.  Of course that means I'm entering my meals in two places, Weight Watchers online and here but that's okay.  It gives a different accounting of what I'm eating. 

Till later my friends. 

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Flea said...

There's an app for the iphone which moitors your sleep if you don't want to wear that thing at night. It's called sleep cycle and is very cool.