Thursday, January 06, 2011

Daddy, Family, Friends and Diet Update

This week has been for me yet today was for Daddy.  Tuesday I got the gray washed out of my hair.  Wednesday my toes and fingernails were made ship-shape.  Today I had a facial and massage.  Yup this week was for me.  I had to run to get him after the facial and massage to drive him back to Tulsa then back home and then me back home.  The doctor said the wound looks good...YUCK... yeah it does...blech...he has a whole in his hip at least 3 inches and as deep as 4 inches...blech!  He has a thing called a wound back attached with a pump that pumps...blech...I got to see them put a new patch on him, taping it to his poor irritated skin.  I felt so bad for him when they messed up and had to pull it off again.  My poor, poor Daddy.  At least it was good news in that it is healing very nicely and there is no sign of any kind of infection.  The surgeon want us to still go back to the hip doctor to let him evaluate.  There is/was a possibility that the hip will have to be taken out for a period of time and replaced but the surgeon did not think that would be necessary but wanted the hip doctor to determine that.  So next Monday it is to the hip doctor and the next week it is back to the surgeon.  Oh my.  Sis had her stress test and she is A-OK and ready to head back to work to the dismay of Sis.  She doesn't want to work anymore but if you're healthy and need the money...well, get back to it.  Still waiting for Bro to have his stress test to make sure he didn't have a heart attack.  Whey, I'm tired.

Also have tried for nearly two weeks to get hold of my dear friend C.  I have left many messages on her cell phone, voice and written and emailed her, nothing.  I was beginning to get a bit worried about her but I finally called her daughter and she said that she has hardly been using her phone, even leaving it at home.  I'm worried about her.  She is sleeping a lot, still in pain from the surgery in what July or so.  Should be on the mend by now I think.  Hey, I'm not a doctor or her but I'm just saying.  Still will worry. 

The diet is going quite well, really.  I've not had much of a problem with it and exercise is great.  I'm kicking it.  This weekend may be a challenge but I shall get through it!  I promise! 


Kay said...

I'm so sorry. That's such a hard thing for your dad to go through. I'm glad you're getting some time for yourself.

Mamarazzi said...

sorry about your daddy and your fried but it sounds like you are most def taking time for yourself while you still fret and fuss over those you love...balance at it's finest!!

Happy New Year!