Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dismantling Christmas

 It is time to put it all away.  Poor little guys.  I've begun the process of going through the house and picking up all evidence of Christmas that has splattered everywhere.  Today will be the act of packing it all up and stowing away until next Christmas.
Poor little Clayton has just about had his fill with all the hoopla that has been going on.  I'm kind of with him.
This cold has pooped me out so much I haven't felt like doing much of anything yet I've had to do it anyway.  I have taken a break from workout until I feel better but tomorrow morning it is back on the treadmill, literally.  I've started the online Weight Watchers thing and have already hit a hurdle.  Monday we are to go out to dinner with old friends, to a Mexican joint no less.  Oh the humanity of it all.  My favorite food besides cheeseburgers.  Oh well, I will just have to make it work for me.  I'm on a mission.  I haven't informed The Hubby yet that I've jumped off and done the Weight Watchers thing yet and I have a feeling that he's scared that I've given up all together because I've not worked out for two weeks.  But he need not worry.  After nearly 15 years of 5 days a week of exercise that won't happen.  The food thing, well, that is a tougher challenge.  I love food, not just love but LOVE food!  It is a comfort thing, sure but I love it, I love to cook it, I love to watch it being prepared on television, I LOVE food.  I will never, ever be the svelte young thing I used to be, like size 1 or 3 but I can get to a comfortable size, or least that is the goal!  Wish me luck all.! 


Joan said...

I have those same little santa elves! They belonged to my grandparents-in-law.

I'm with you on the weight thing. Gotta really buckle down. My husband and I are getting serious tomorrow. We too are dismantling Christmas today.

Good luck!

Kay said...

I put away all the Christmas things the day after. After my daughter and family returned to Chicago, it just felt like something I had to do in order to move on. On to the new year!
Happy New Year!