Sunday, January 09, 2011


No pictures yet but the weather people are telling us it is on the way. least they say it won't be too bad but probably bad enough to prevent me getting Daddy and taking him to the hip doctor appointment.  I am suggesting to him that we might reschedule!  I hope so.  I think I want to stay inside with these nifty new house shoes The Hubby got me for Christmas and stay warm.  Hey, maybe I can get a paintbrush wet finally. 

The diet is going pretty well and I'm getting anxious to weigh in on Tuesday. 


Kay said...

I'm hoping for a clear, sunny day for you to make driving easier. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but it's sunny today on Oahu.

Flea said...

Adorable shoes! I was looking forward to my first day off in eons, but if school's cancelled, I have teenagers. Grr.