Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday

Yes it is Monday and sort of the eve of the biggest holiday of the summer but as some of you well know a year ago was a nightmare for me, and The Hubby. I am not looking forward to another round of burning my money in the sky for a momentary, "Oh it's pretty." I have always hated fireworks, the cost and the noise and now the danger. I like having people at the cabin but not too many as I like my solitude there but this weekend the whole place is a huge MASS of people, EVERYWHERE! People, kids, dogs, cars, pop-pop, bang-bang and lots of drinking. Not my idea of fun, really! I would just as soon stay at home in Tulsa but I told the board that I would "help" with security. What was I thinking. I may have to spend most of the day at the entrance and let or not-let people in for the festivities. We found out that the invitation to some of the towns-people has been put out. I think that is not good. Our little weekend community has become a HUGE event and I thought we wanted to keep the place a little secret, this is not doing it. It also invites a lot of ne'er-do-well's to possibly have some not good intentions to our open cabins and availability. It's just my opinion and I'm entitled to one. The bottom line is that I hate this time of year. Love what it stands for but hate the masses of people and noise and the potential of injury!

Okay, I'm off the soapbox.


Char said...

I hate masses of people period....I've gotten too old and set in my ways.

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Ok. What time does the fun start? And, exactly where should I meet you to join in?