Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yesterday I spent most of the day writing. B was ill so I had the office to myself to work on a short story. I went to the writing group on Monday night and my mind has been working on a story. I also went to the therapist on Monday and he suggested that since I want to write and having the issues about the death of Gail and my mom that I write about them. Well, after the group thing my mind went into over drive. Actually, Tuesday evening I started writing what was in my head about Momma. It's kind of weird but I think it might be a good exercise. I'm not sure I want to share it with the group but am toying with the idea of telling them it is fiction. The only person there that would know the truth is the moderator since I've know him for many years. I may post the story here after I'm done with it so watch for it.

Today is a me day again. When I finish this post I will be on the run most of the day. I have my personal trainer session then fly home for a quick shower. I won't have much time as I will have to rush off to get my hair de-grayed. Then it will be a speedy drive to the chiropractor (my carpel tunnel is driving me crazy) and then to my nail girl for a pedicure and manicure. Since I've cooked dinner every single day, well except yesterday, for the past two weeks I'm insisting The Hubby take me out. Not sure where I want to go, but it will be out. We are hosting a huge chili/soup supper this weekend at our cabin with about 16 invited so I will definitely be cooking this weekend.

Quick note: We started bowling again last night after the Christmas break and I was awesome. My average is 137 but I bowled a 169, 157 and 143! Whoopie! That was great.


Debbie said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned. Have a good one!

♥georgie♥ said...

I hope you post your short story-I'd love to read it...

as for dinneut tonight that sounds great! Have you tried copelands on 71st between 129 and 145? if not they have wonderful food-

Hope ur day is wonderful!

Kay said...

Good for you, Jill. Sounds like a marvelous day ahead. I'll be looking forward to reading your story.