Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And It's Only Wednesday

First I have to address a couple of the comments on my previous post...THANK YOU who said I must only be in my 40's! OH GOSH! You made my day. I'm actually 52 (53 in June)! Also, yes Daddy is only 73 but he acts like he's 90 so he kind of skews the image we have of him. Again, thank you ladies (I bow to you).

Now on to my week. Boy what a week I'm having. It is busy, busy, busy and it is only Wednesday. This morning I lounged around reading my paper, doing the crossword and Sudoku till I remembered at 7:30 that B started teaching her class today so I bolted for the shower and was out of the house with makeup, hair sort of done and my coffee in hand by 8:15. Whew! Thank goodness we have an answering service so we don't miss calls.

Yesterday I arrived at Daddy's house about 9:30 to find the workers trying to get his water shut off so they could address the water problem. When I looked into the closet behind the tub there was mold and wetness, icky, everywhere. Daddy was not too concerned as he was anxious to get on the road to the cabin so we were off by 9:45. My stomach was in knots watching him drive behind me in his little Honda car, but he did good. I could see his face in the rear view mirror sometimes with a squished worried look. I had to quit looking. We arrived and the first thing he said was, "I don't remember all those turns. I hope I can find my way out to drive home." Oh my, way to unknot my stomach Dad! I got him all settled in and tried not to worry about the stairs and his bringing the cane as hip is really bothering him. I got the golf cart out and ready with fishing poles on top. We took his groceries inside and then I showed him how to operate the oven for his TV dinners. He even brought coffee. I told him I had everything he would need but he forgot I guess. Funny. He even brought up his laptop thinking we had the Internet but I had to explain that if he wanted to get on the Internet he would have to take his laptop to the neighbors deck and then get the other neighbors feed. That would mean sitting in the COLD! The other reason he brought it is because he is writing his memoirs! I am so proud of him. I read the first two paragraphs and told him that I had no idea. I guess my writing talk is rubbing off on him. I then showed him the TV and explained that we have no cable but have the basic analog/UHF channels (we have got to get a digital box soon.) The only thing is the one channel we both watch on a regular basis is channel 6, our CBS soaps, and that one has already gone digital and you can't get it there. He was a little bummed. I don't want cable or satellite as I am a huge TV-holic and would not get a book read or a story written. I finally got him all settled in with towel, soap, bed, food, heat and phone numbers for the neighbors and then I hit the road for my art class. I was not about to miss it.

I didn't put any paint to canvas yesterday as we learned how to draw babies (birth to 5 years) faces. I really enjoyed the exercise and am going to get more out of this class than just painting. Here are a few of my doodles from class and a preliminary drawing of the painting I plan on doing (previous couple of posts for image).

They kind of look like aliens. I have to work more on eyes. Next week we will do adult faces. Hmmm, these look like adult faces. I have to work on baby faces....HAHAHAHAHA

The fan is not cocked just right so need more work on it but I love just drawing. It took me a whole other place.

Tonight is bowling, tomorrow is absolutely nothing except for workout...wait, I forgot Daddy is to be driving home. Knot, knot, knot...Could be he needs to stay another day. I now wait to hear the latest from the remodeler and the plumber.

Friday is our anniversary, 33 years. I don't think we will do anything except go the cabin and spend quality time with our lake friends. Sounds like a good anniversary doesn't it. Probably not to The Hubby but what do you do. He has board meeting there early Saturday morning. Maybe I'll cook him some homemade spaghetti like the very first meal I prepared for him when were dating! Everyone now....AWWWWW!


Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary. 33 years is quite the accomplishment.

♥georgie♥ said...

wow 33 yrs...I am still workin on 12....looking at your sidebar-you have a beautiful family!!! Thanks for sharing your daddy with us!

Dawn said...

I think it is awesome that your dad is writing his memoirs! What a treasure that will be for all of you.

Your drawings are great!!! I'm very impressed. :)

Happy Anniversary. I hope you all have a lovely weekend together.

donna baker said...

Your drawings are very good. It will make painting a lot easier. I paint in oils too. Just remember in drawing, shadow and light; put the dark where you see dark and the light where you see light. Very good.