Saturday, May 08, 2010

Travel Time

The next few days may be a bit sporadic as we are leaving for a short trip to VEGAS!!!!!  It is work for The Hubby but a bit of play for me.  We are attending a thing called Light Fair where vendors go to show off new lighting from all over the world I believe.  He hasn't been in several years and suggested we go last week.  I was on board!  We will be flying into Vegas as A and the Tears For Fears guys will be flying back into California.  She's been gone for a month now.  (I'll elaborate more in a bit).

Today I had to take little Clayton to a boarder while we are gone.  B wanted to keep him but "he" doesn't know how to control himself in a house where there are more animals.  He's a typical male dog.  Taking him to a very highly recommended place was a bit difficult for me.  This is the first time since Clayton came to live with us that we've been apart, since Labor Day Weekend.  I almost had tears as the boarding guy took him from me.  Very hard.  We so love that little guy so very much.  He has enriched our lives so very much and these next few days are going to be hard. 

Tonight we also had to make a visit to The Hubby's mother for Mother's Day.  We ate at the cafe at the retirement center and had some nice chit-chat while she constantly introduced us to her friends who passed by.  After dinner we walked by the little lounge where Luigi was entertaining some of the people who live there and the MIL insisted on sitting down to enjoy the show.  Now, the show was from 5 to 7pm and the bar only open those two hours.  On my goodness Luigi really got into the singing and getting the residents to sing along.  The Hubby was really enjoying it and got his mother up to dance a little swing.  EVERYONE totally loved it.  I saw my future and I wanted to RUN, run as fast as I could!!!!!

Back to A and her world traveling.  She said it was an awesome trip and a couple of days ago she got to sing, in Hong Kong with Michael Wainwright.  Wainwright opens and does backup for Tears for Fears.  She said that she even got to sign autographs along side Curt Smith.  How exciting is that!!!!!  I'm sure I will have more info and pictures to share, maybe her blog. 

Later all.  We are taking my laptop and hope to keep posted here. 

P.S.  Kind of sad that this is yet another Mother's Day without my momma...Here's to you Momma!

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Kay said...

Have a wonderful Mother's
Day and spend some time just for yourself. You deserve it!