Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday was a whirlwind day with a list of stuff to do but, mission accomplished as I finished my running with a little fun thrown in. 
  • Work out
  • Daddy's to take his pecan picker out thingy (where he got pecans this time of year)
  • Oil change
  • Shower and cleanup
  • Post Office
  • Work to meet accountant
  • Painting class
  • 20 minute cat nap
  • dinner with friends
I felt really good to finish the list. 

This is the painting I'm working on in painting class.  We still have to make glass in the window and make the bottles more translucent but so far so good.  Don't forget to follow my Artist In Training blog on the right hand sidebar here.

I forgot this picture from the cabin of one of the ferns we bought on Saturday.

Here is The Hubby's little toy that is finally finished and souped up, 1949 Dodge.  He felt that is was highway safe to take a journey in it.

Also, don't forget B's show in June, The Alliday Show...Check out her blog here for her first interview of one of the vendors, Theragenics.  If you are interested in setting up at the show this is the place to find out about it, The Alliday Show!

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Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Gorgeous ferns. I bought some last year and planted them in my shade garden among the hostas. Love them.

~~Mrs. McGillicutty