Thursday, April 01, 2010

Inspiration and Compliments

I'm trying to find some inspiration to paint.  I have lots and lots of pictures to choose from but just can't seem to get myself to sit at home to paint.  I have some time this morning but just am not in the mood.  Hopefully this weekend, while The Hubby is at the Tulsa Swing Fling I can spend some time with a canvas.  I had a great time in class on Tuesday and feel that the painting is going well.  I have a few goals in this painting endeavor.  One, is that it relaxes me and makes me content.  Two, is that I am using my creative outlet.  Three is to make a little money, not much money, but a little.  My friend in class, who is an AWESOME artist, sold one of her paintings for $800 the other day.  YES!  That is what I want to do eventually, but ultimately I just love to do it.  Makes me get a warm feeling in my belly when I can cover a canvas and make it turn into something wonderful. 

Possible Paintings:

This one I've started on canvas but not sure of it yet.

Now to (2) compliment(s).  Last weekend while at the cabin on Friday night, sitting around a fire pit, a new cabinite asked how old my kids were.  I gladly told her 30 and 24.  She was stunned and could not believe I had children that old.  I was very appreciative of the compliment.  Last night it happened again at a night club that we went to after dance class.  We were sitting with three other couples from the class and I was having a discussion with one of the guys when he asked me if we had children and how old they were.  I again offered up the ages and he was visibly stunned.  He actually told me that he thought I was about 42...I'M 53!  I thanked him and my head grew with pride as I thanked my Mary Kay regimen of lotions over the years, working out and good eating!  Also, laughter and contintment with life helps. 

So I'm feeling pretty good about myself lately. 


Flea said...

I Love the windmill. And the fishing creel.

SheezKrafty said...

Windmill. Def.