Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Off

Today, Friday is my day off.  Not from work because it is payday but a day off from exercise.  I didn't mean it to happen but it did.  Last night Clayton, sweet little Clayton did not sleep much.  He would wake up every couple of hours and want to get down from the bed.  I have to explain that this sweet little bundle of joy I won't allow to jump off of our bed...
You see those frail little legs might snap if he jumped off of our towering bed onto the wood floor.  So he sits at the end of the bed and whines and cries.  I was awakened at 1 am, 3 am and 4 am by this little guy to get a drink and go outside to bark and run.  He was just full of it last night and could not wind down.  The Hubby even took him for a walk to wear him out but it did no good.  He was just in fine form.  That all said, that meant that I could not get my sore legs and butt out of our warm and comfy bed this morning to do the treadmill thing at 5 am.  Do you blame me.  On top of it all I had taken a couple of my anti-itch pills for a rash on my chest and they make me sleep and a bit loopy.  I just wasn't in my right mind I can tell you.  As it is I'm moving very slowly this AM to head to work.  It is 8:01 and I'm just now finishing my cup of coffee.  So sorry W for not showing up this morning.  I will be there Monday, I promise...bad Clayton...we love him though.

Bring on the weekend...should be just beautiful!!!!!

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Abraham said...

But he is such an handsome dude. He deserves the attention. I am sure of that.