Friday, July 03, 2009

The Weekend is HERE!

The Hubby and I decided to close the office today, Friday and so headed to the cabin last night. We arrived and were quickly invited to a sunset Booze Cruise on Sin & Bare's pontoon boat. 19 people aboard and we were off. The day had finally cooled off so we didn't bake on the boat. There was lots of food, music, country music (yuck) and DRINK. Lots of DRINK. We left about 8 and when we finally rolled into the ramp it hit midnight. It was quite an experience being in the middle of the river with a lot of drinking and needing to pee. Bare would stop the boat and the guys would hang it off the front of the boat while we ladies would climb down a ladder on the back of the boat, drop our drawers, squat with our shining buttocks close to the lapping water and AWWWwwwww. Thank God for squats with my personal trainer. It was an experience. This may offend the country music lovers but I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC and four hours of it, well, I'm done. I'm just not a fan. To me it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. That is why we have so many different kinds of music for the listening pleasure of different ears. Don't get me wrong I do like some country music but not much.

Oh well, I'm back to the weekend fun, or not fun. It is not even noon on Friday and the fireworks have been popping all morning. I'm so done with that. Next year I'm staying in town, inside, away from it all. After last year I'm so done with it all. The next door cabin neighbors are up. They live in Houston so usually don't make it up but a couple of times a year. This year they have 3 dogs in tow so early this morning all I heard was them yelling at one of the dogs, ROXIE, ROXIE, ROXIE! The neighbors on the other side also have multiple dogs and they all are running free, contrary to the by-laws of the place. Next I hear ROXIE, ROXIE, ROXIE, NOOOOooo, the dogs barking then fighting. Now some of them are on leads and some are captured inside cabins. Good Grief! A lot of the people here have dogs and some let them run free. It is not good, especially when so many more people are going to be here for the weekend. I can't wait for the weekend to be over and back to the peace and quiet.

Ohhhh...I took the most AWESOME picture last night of the pink light in the trees and the reflections on the water...but, alas it was not with my camera which was in my bag at the cabin but with Bare's. Hopefully, I will be able to download it today. I want to paint it.


Kay said...

I'm picturing the ladies hanging off the boat and had to chuckle. That's a hilarious photo.

Have a great 4th, Jill!

Char said...

can't wait to see the shot! sounds like fun, even with the country music. I like all kinds, even country.

carma said...

wow! quite the celebration, bare buttocks and all :D

Kathryn Magendie said...

Thank gawd our loud tourists went home - and only stayed one night ...the tourists here in the cove now are respectful and quiet