Thursday, July 23, 2009


We're here finally. A very long van ride from the airport and we entered the doors of the Sheraton Chicago for BlogHer'09. What fun, what fun. I'm here with my friend Kellyology and we have toasted the beginning of a long weekend of fun with wine on empty stomachs, hmmm that could be a problem. The room wasn't quite ready so we did the only thing possible, drink. Walking into the hotel all you could here were giggling screams as one by one people were recognizing each other from their blogs. Finally in our room the most important thing to do was to set up our laptops. Online, blogging adn tweeting, we are ready to venture out to a few get togethers and some most important FOOD!


Anonymous said...

CUTE picture! Love your new do and KElly is adorable!

Char said...

yay! fun times fun times - can't wait to hear more about it

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Have a ball