Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 5...the day after

We have survived yet another 4th of July, but it was not without injury. The weekend was spent at the cabin with B&B2 bringing a couple of friends to join the fun. B's friend VS came in from Washington DC while R was in from here. Love both of them. I had my world kind of widened when R arrived because he shared some of his new piercings he recently received. Let's just say it is a good thing I think of the guy as my son because one was down south! I'm glad I'm a very open-minded person and not easily shocked.

After last years horrible trip to the ER I told everyone that I would help with security and somehow it turned into me sitting at the entrance gate for hours making sure everyone that came in was supposed to be there. Well, I just said I would help not man the gate, I was a wuss and backed out but The Hubby felt he needed to do something since he wasn't doing the fireworks anymore so he did it. He was Safety Man!We had an awesome day yesterday with fun in the sun, after a downpour for several hours. I spent most of my day reading a book on my Kindle while the crew spent time at the creek. I fixed a fantastic dinner of grilled chicken, a couple of salads and fresh fruit. It soon began time for one of the highly anticipated events of the day (for B), Best Costumed Dog. B&B2 of course brought the granddog, Mondo, and dolled him up as a lady. The little fellow won, blue ribbon and all. They had a girly hat, a mumu and sunglasses that he kept on the whole time he sat there.

The evening was moving on and the four friends decided to take a ride on one of the golf carts. Yes, they were also full of a lot of liquid stuff so it didn't help what was about to happen. R was driving when B2 told him to turn left urgently. Well, four on the golf cart turning that rapidly is not a good combination and over they went onto the asphalt and gravel. B2 and VS were on the side that hit the road, and the golf cart actually was on B2's foot. He was in so much shock and pain that he just took off walking while B and R helped VS off the ground. She sustained a road burn on her shoulder and elbow while B2's elbow and his foot were cut, smashed and road burned. I don't know how he walked off except he was in shock. Luckily the paramedics are always on hand so both got immediate help and aid. B2's foot was still in bad shape this morning but the paramedics did not seem to think it was broken and today he had it x-rayed with the same result. The chaos after the accident was horrible as R was just distraught that he hurt his friends that he feels as close to as siblings. It didn't help that alcohol was playing a huge part in the tears and self-blame. If I did not hide his keys he was going to drive home and that was not going to happen. It was just horrible with drama. We finally got him settled down but I don't think he got the point about drinking until this morning because he drank more and was worse. He felt bad because the golf cart was damaged and he knew The Hubby would be pissed, he was. A statue light also got knocked over and then this morning a piece of summer sausage was found on the floor when The Hubby took a spill on it. R was eating it when we went to bed. It was a tragic night but after a short talk with him this morning he may get it, I hope. I plan on giving him a call as a friend and pseudo-mom and try to talk to him about his behavior and his drinking and choices. I think he's a little lost right. I don't want him to use this as a pitiful me ploy, I'm a f...up...I want him to learn from this and be responsible. Just scary stuff you know.

This morning everyone was a little on edge, tired, sore and angry. I fixed a great breakfast of Creekbank (eggs, potatoes, bell peppers, onions), bacon, sausage, biscuits, juice....we were stuffed. It was definitely a rather quiet breakfast with soft chatter. The Hubby is angry but surprisingly not as much as I thought he would be. I think he sees a very troubled young man.

The golf carts battery was upended so battery acid spilled and burned a hole somewhere and damaged the starter but they were things that can be fixed which The Hubby has half done already. Things will be okay.

I really hate this holiday. Fireworks, masses of people and drink are just not ever a good combination.


Char said...

oh, so sorry for the injuries and all the drama. that's never fun to deal with. this is why i've gone totally low key with just dinner with a few friends.

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Oh Geez, that's a lot of drama for a holiday! I think a talk is definitely the right direction to go with your young friend. Things could have been much worse and with lingering results. Yikes! One thing about it, you sure kept 'em fed well. Yum!

The good news is the 4th of July won't come again for another year!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

That's a lot of commotion, just so you could have a little cook-out and enjoy a well-loved day of recognition..
I've been to many July 4th celebrations which ahd similar chaos, seems like the older we get, just eating a steak or burger on the grill, and chasing it with a tall cold glass of sweet tea, is about all the excitement I can muster :)
I hope he learns his lesson, sometimes it's worth the hassle, to put the experience down in your little Life's Rules book :)
Sounds like you had good food !