Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still digging through old stuff

I've been a scanning fool for the past few days, finding pictures that evoke an Ahhh or Ohhh, a sob or a smile. Hope you don't mind if I share a few from my past.

This picture is of my sister with our beloved dog, Paisan. This was the sweetest little dog and he dearly loved we kids and would protect us to his death. The only problem was that when he walked into the house he would hike his leg on the hot water tank nearly every time. Had to keep an eye out for him. He was also the most tender little dog. When our cat Susie had a batch of kittens he treated them like they were his, gingerly taking them in his mouth and moving them to a better bed. Great dog.

Now, this is a picture of our Granny and Grandaddy (in the hat). They were attending a KVOO shindig honoring Purina Feed store owners that had helped to increase the company profits. There was a BBQ dinner and awards. The feed store was an awesome place for us kids to visit. He always had baby chicks in the store and the smells of the feed was intoxicating. He had a turkey farm at one time in the outskirts of Tulsa and delivered fresh turkeys to the doorstep in Midtown Tulsa every year for Thanksgiving.

This picture is of Granny's parents, Greatgranny and Great-Grandaddy at our favorite place to visit, Rattlesnake Hollow. This was G-Grandaddy's old truck that he would take us in to get eggs at the chicken house or to town for groceries. You took your life in your hands when he was at the wheel. Pretty scary driver. In the summer he would back the truck up to the house like this and they would drag a thin mattress out of the house for the bed and we would sleep under the stars right next to the open windows where we could SCREAM if we were scared. It was awesome. I found out in some of my digging that my Great-Grandaddy was a Justice of the Peace in Arkansas. He also used to be a post master somewhere too. Amazing people.

Here is yet another picture of my wonderful broken leg. Check out how high up the cast went. Boy did my leg itch and when we finally took it off there was a forest under there. Yeah, my first introduction to a razor. The fat fluffy cat in my lap was our sweet Pagliacci, as in the opera, but we called her Polly. My mother loved opera and named her. She was one of the daughters of Susie (later) and Mother thought she was so ugly that no one would want to take her but she turned out to be one of the most beautiful cats we ever had and so fluffy. She was smart too and loved saltine crackers. I taught her to roll over for a saltine, Polly want a cracker. Mother used to get her down and brush her and vacumm the hair. What a fluff-ball. Not going to say anything about my hair, our aunts were beauticans.

Here is the aforementioned, Susie the Cat. The picture was taken December 25, 1966 and we were in our quilted Christmas P.J.'s. Sweet Susie was my Daddy's cat. Susie was our little Momma cat. She had four litters of kittens for us. The first three litters she had three kittens but the last one there were five and Mom said that was enough so we had her fixed, finally. She was an awesome momma kitty and we loved to watch her give birth in Daddy's sock drawer every time. She also had no bottom teeth. When she was a kitten she had some kind of worms and an abscess in her jaw that my Daddy took care of but she lost all the teeth and so her tongue always slid out and drooled when she was happy and purring. She also was a great mouse and rat killer. Momma wrote a story about it one time and sent it in to Reader's Digest but it was never published.

The newspaper article was from the Broken Ledger, October 16, 1952. My Momma is the 2nd from the left. They were honoring the Golden Jubilee (Momma called it the Cotton Jubliee). She came in 2nd place. The Golden Jubilee evolved to what is now Rooster Days and the Miss Chick contest.

This picture is of the Union Consolidated Schools (Union Public School now) High School marching band. My mother is somewhere in there either playing the piccolo or riding in the car as the Band Queen. All it said on the pic was she was there. It was downtown Tulsa and notice the Saied Music Company store.

Now I have to give a shout out to where we went to dinner last night. We were heading to Ciao on Brookside when I mentioned that we had not eaten at Hibiscus Caribbean next door. So we went there. YUMMY! Robert had some jerk shrimp that were to die for and a mixture of collard greens and cabbage that I could have had a whole plate of. I had a grilled salmon that was of course covered with a spicy sauce. Again, YUMMY. I also had fried plantains that were delicious. I highly recommend going there and trying anything. The owner Vincent came over and we had a nice chat and I said I would mention it here. For something really different try Hibiscus Caribbean Bar and Grill.


Char said...

great photographs - I hate that I can't find all of mine. you have some beautiful memories.

dinner sounds sooo yummy

Lisa said...

amazing images- wonderful memories- thank you for sharing- who needs a delorean to go back in time?