Monday, February 16, 2009


This is a recap of the past week and weekend as I've been kind of silent. I've again been plagued with the MRSA virus but I think I may be beating it without going on antibiotics again. It is imperative that I get my bodies defenses up to speed to fight stuff off. I'm taking multivitamins, vitamin-C 1000 mg a day, and the probiotic thing. This time around I don't feel bad and that is a plus. Before I would feel very tired and the depression would set in. I would have absolutely no energy. This time I feel good and even kept up the workouts last week to the point that I could hardly bend over from last weeks boxing and Pilate's. OUCH! I've made a big decision on that front too. I've decided to quit Jazzercise. I know I have been a faithful follower for a very long time but since I switched centers I miss my friends and I'm also realizing that it really affects my knees badly. So today I am canceling my membership. Waaaa! I will continue the personal trainer and hopefully this spring when the weather is better and I'm better I will start the walking/jogging thing again. I just need to get me healed and in tip-top health, my priority.

Tuesday I went to another painting class and I'm so very excited with the results. I neglected to take a picture of the base I started with but tomorrow I will. The past couple of weeks I didn't do too much on the piece except fill in the background of muted leaves but Tuesday I actually traced my drawing of the window and fan on the canvas and began to put color on top of the background. I painted the window and fan, basic stuff and by the end of the class when I hung the canvas back on the wall to wait till this week and stood back I was amazed. It looked like a fan sitting in a window. I was just giddy with excitement and awe that I created that. This painting class is so feeding my soul, probably more than the writing right now. Tomorrow I will take pictures before more paint is applied and will continue until I finish the piece. I really can't wait to finish this and start another. Very exciting. Now today I have to try and get something to share with my writing group tonight. I missed last week but need to go this week to keep up a good habit.

Uh, oh...I will finish this in a bit as my MIL just pulled up out front of the office. She is here for me to type some minutes she had to take at a meeting at the retirement community. Her computer is not working right for her so I'm her girl....I will be back in a sec...............................Okay now that I'm back 2 hours later. The MIL had me do her little chore and then had to chat for a bit, then A called and now I'm chatting and blogging...I'm multi-tasking.

This weekend was a blast, that is after the annual meeting at our gated community at the lake/cabin. The meeting was from 10 to 1:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say I was getting very upset with some of the people and their inability to keep up with what was being said. Made me a little nuts. Should have just gone home. Anyway, later that afternoon Sin, Harri and I, PO, PH and JG all showed up to decorate the wigwam for our sock hop that night. I was in charge of music and baked beans and I must say the music was AWESOME! I had nearly three hours of 50's music on a playlist and we danced the night away. Most everyone showed up dressed up with a 50's theme. I wore my bowling shirt that we got at the Bowling Museum in St. Louis. My hair is long enough now that I had a bouncy, curly ponytail with a scarf that my cousin gave me on my 16th birthday. Others were in poodle skirts, long white shirts and The Hubby had his jeans rolled up with a white T-shirt and a package of unfiltered Camels rolled up in his sleeve. His hair is long enough now that he had a duck tail in the back. What fun we all had!


Michelle said...

That is some serious dipping in the fourth picture!

Char said...

it looks like so much fun!!!

Debbie said...

I'm sorry you have been sick but so glad you had a great weekend. Those photos are great!

Lisa said...

now that looks like fun- sounds like you are doing all you can to keep your relapses as short and painfree as possible. good for you.
Jazzerize ? just the thought of it exhaustes me !
LIsa xx