Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just another day in the universe.

Thursday morning, 8:30 am and I'm still in my comfies. I'm catching up on some blog reading, watching Charmed and making a lullaby CD for a friend having a baby. I multi-task well. This has been a most busy week for me with Daddy and work as B has been sick as a dog. I choose not to be around her too much because my immunities are still very low and I might catch. ICK! Today I slept in, at least till 6:30 and finally roused myself to a standing position because I didn't know if the carpenter would show up or not. Can't be running around in my tank and underwear. He's at a stand still at this point and is now on to building a cabinet for the bathroom sink. Yesterday we picked out the faucet and sink part. Hopefully the wallpaper will be in today or tomorrow and we can get it hung. I've already done the dishes, started a new batch of Toddy coffee, and now I need to get a refill on my cup. I'm not in a rush today. I do have to go to work for an hour or so and do one paycheck for our part-time guy who is a fireman as he won't be there tomorrow. It won't take me long. I almost forgot that tonight I have a writing class from 6-9. Oops, that means I won't be home for dinner, again. Last night I bowled and he went to his dance class and Monday I made him take me out as the day with Daddy made me crazy. Tomorrow night will be at the lake so, hmmm, guess I'll cook something and leave it. I know he'd rather have the alone time instead of dinner, sorry guy.

(On the bowling note, I did pretty good last night. My average is 139. The first game I bowled a 145, second 188 and the third a 135. Not too shabby. I so love doing it.)

My plan for the day is:

  • gas up my car

  • buy 7 picture frames to fill and give the the 7 lovely ladies that were at the sock hop

  • buy and cook dinner (or reheat) for The Hubby so he won't be too sad

  • work, briefly

  • maybe a trip to Daddy's to get some blackberries he keeps calling me about (they're in his freezer)

  • ****MAYBE**** wash my nasty car

  • go to writing class

Yup, got a lot to do today. Oh, I wrote the letter to my dermatologist and put it in the mail yesterday. Let's see if there is a response from it, or not.

Last night I watched American Idol and really thought it was a waste of my time. There were only two on there that warranted any speck of my time, Nick/Norman and Adam. I was back and forth watching The Biggest Loser which got more of my watching time. I really don't want to watch Idol tonight. I just want to catch who makes it through. I will miss Survivor but will catch it tomorrow morning before work. I also watched the finale of Top Chef and was so very sad that Carla did not win. She was awesome but let Casey (her sous chef) convince her to do stuff she knew was not her. Carla, there was a reason Casey did not win last season. I was glad though that Stephan did not win but he did redeem himself in my eyes when Carla knew she f**ked it up and knew she was not going to win and began to cry. He was very sympathetic to her and teary. Made me go awww. Next week begins the model thingy with Tyson Beckford. I am such a reality show addict. It's very sad. I'll over come it sometime, hopefully.


Char said...

sounds like a very productive day - I need to get my fanny in gear too.

Kay said...

I watched a bit of Idol last night but had to switch over to Lost. If I don't keep up with that show... I'll get lost. It's so confusing.