Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting Evolution

I've been missing because I've been very busy as of late.  Last week I started the huge painting project and this week I continued on.  Man my arm was sore from the strokes that I have to do on the thing.  

This is the original photo that I originally painted "Sunset on Grand River". 
This is what came of all the brush strokes and prompted an outfit out of Houston to find me.  

This is the new project, a 4'x6' painting that will turn into "Sunrise" 

As you can tell by the size my arm was killing me by the time I was through with two hours of back and forth on Tuesday. 

Monday was a break with my Rio-sitting and then again on Wednesday.  She is SOOOO much fun! 

Then yesterday I sold this little jewel called "Paints" to a friend.  
She then saw the "Red Barn" and had to have it too.  She paid for the Paints and is having me hold both of them for a Valentine's present for her love.  No problem.  I already have two more paintings I am holding and getting paid for in installments right now.  
Yesterday was also exciting because I was interviewed for a local magazine called Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine.  HOW EXCITING!  Oh my gosh, things are rockin' and rollin' for me with my art lately.  So watch for the March issue, I will be in it!

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