Sunday, January 12, 2014

Washed and Clean

The weekend has turned out to be quite spectacular!  The Hubby and I boogied off to the cabin Friday afternoon for a nice relaxing time.  It was the last weekend of deer hunting season for him too so I knew I would be by myself most of the day on Saturday.  That is just fine with me.  He enjoys getting up at 4 am and wrapping his body in layers for warmth and layers of dirt-stinking camouflage clothes and sit in a tree in the freezing cold.  More power to him, but he loves it!  I chose to spend most of my day in bed, reading, watching a movie and napping!  It was wonderful.  I could have visited with my girly friends but I just wanted to be alone and sleep!  Today we were up early and ready to head back to town.  I love taking my shower at the cabin because my hair comes out so soft and shiny.  I think it's because the water is softer or something like that!  This is me on No Make-up Sunday or whatever day I choose.  When I was young I went a lot without makeup and The Hubby liked it that way, now he kind prefers the makeup!  I think my skin looks pretty good for a 57 year old woman!  I'm also going back to the long hair.  It's been growing since June.  

Oh and on a footnote....LOOKIE WHAT I FOUND!!!!!  The last of the missing jewelry pieces.  I just knew it was still in the car.  I was waiting for a sunshiny day for more light to look around and today was the day.  I got back from the grocery store and proceeded get down and dirty to look and there it was, where I had looked many times before.  I think it just got jostled loose from it's hiding place with a couple weeks worth of driving and bumping around!  Now I can go an get a new chain!  No more repairing it,  I am replacing!  I feel complete now! 

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