Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year's Resolutions and MORE!

Day 2 of the New Year and I'm ready!  I told The Hubby that we would get back completely on track with the eating on Jan 2 and that is what we are doing.  Actually, we weren't too awful bad at all during the holidays.  Because we have been doing the no bread-no pasta-no rice-no potatoes thing since June it is like a habit now.  Don't get me wrong we have definitely had a bit of bread and potatoes during the holidays but you have to enjoy life and we did, just in tiny quantities.  I'm very excited for the scale to continue its decline this year.  The fruitcake is gone (my niece made), the chocolate covered toffee is gone (a fabulous Christmas gift), and the cream cheese candies (tossed, good but tossed).  Ready, Set, GOOOOO!

On Monday I spent the day at the office going through a box that Daddy had me get out of one of his closets.  He couldn't lift it down so I did.  We opened it to find a mountain of bank statements and canceled checks from 1968-1971 from his business, their personal stuff and my grandmother's stuff.  Old appliance manuals, and a bit of Boy Scout stuff (Daddy was a leader).  Most of it was ready to toss and shred, which I did on Monday.  I did find a few interesting things about my broken leg, in fact the hospital bills from my two night stay.  And of course I have already forgotten the date on it but it is the exact date that I did not know.  It's already in a file folder to keep, somewhere!  I know, I know, I've already started another pile to go through.  That brings me to New Year's Resolutions or Clean Out!  I'm looking at my desk at home that has a pile of paperwork sitting on it five inches high.  It is where all the bills I pay for our personal records and has been accumulating since last January. I have to go through to get ready for tax stuff.  
New Year's Resolution #1 - To have a specific box for tax stuff and a box for utility bills and nonsense - NOT THE TOP OF MY DESK!  

New Year's Resolution #2 - To clean out the guest closet.  Get rid of the crap that has accumulated and either sell on EBay or flea market or whatever - GET RID OF!  My plan is to whittle down the Christmas stuff as I take it down the next few days and that is where it will be stored.  I'm tired of it going up in the attic!  Next year all the stuff that we did not take down from the attic this year will come down next year and there will be another purge!  Not only will the guest closet become the Christmas closet but it will also house some of he paintings that are piling up here.  They will shortly go to the new building, my new studio but in the meantime they are piling up.

New Years Resolution #3 - Sell paintings!  Easier said than done.  Oh, I have sold in 2013 that is for sure but they are piling up and I don't want to store them in the attic.  Again, Etsy may be the place.  I do have another show in January at The Garden Trug that I'm very excited for.  It will be the perfect place for the flower paintings in preparation of spring plantings.  I need to get some more going, ASAP!  

New Year's Resolution #4 - Get into a gallery or restaurant!  I've only tried once but maybe again!

New Year's Resolution #5 - Diet!  Well, I'm sort of not going there.  I'm already doing it in a huge lifestyle change in our eating.  I think my goal is to continue, and continue with the exercise.  I am hoping with the 26 pounds gone now that this spring I will be able to do more walking again.  Don't think the running will happen anymore, but, you never know!  Maybe another 5K is in my future!!!

New Year's Resolution #6 - Read!  I have read 60 books yet again this year, 2nd year in a row!  I'm quite impressed with myself and so will continue with this goal.  I love to read!  That is one thing my mother instilled in my Bro, Sis and I was the love of reading!  She said it was the window to our future, that we could accomplish and become anything if we could and would read!  I hope I passed the love to my children, I know I did, and I am going to encourage Rio too.  She already at 15 months, loves books to look at and hold.  It doesn't matter if they are BBQ cookbooks or Architectural Digest Magazine, she loves to look at them and hold them.  Her favorite is her bedtime book, "Good Night Moon", and when she tries to say it, OH, the cutest thing ever!  

New Year's Resolution #7 - Continue nurturing mine/our friendships!  I have made a point of having our friends out to dinner or to cook here, and I am going to continue it.  I know The Hubby sometimes just wants to come home and do nothing but it is not going to happen.  I will NOT get into a rut of nothingness when it comes to our social life.  I started a book club with a few friends and neighbors and so far I LOVE it.  We have drinks and dinner with a couple of our neighbors and I love that too but sadly one of the couples called a couple of days ago to tell us they are moving!  Not far and she is still in the book club, but so sad!  I love them to pieces and she has become a really good friend, quickly.  I want to stay busy with my friends and family.  I will NOT sit in my house day in and day out with nothing and nobody to do stuff with.  A social life is very key to staying young and with it!  So my list for dinners/meeting with friends and family is a continuing thing.  

New Year's Resolution #8 - Blogging - I almost gave it up in 2013 but I just can't do it.  I have made some awesome bloggy friends here and some of the family reads this too.  They can see me here, I hope.  I have to write!  I still journal but some of the stuff I write in my journal I just CAN'T write here for fear that "someone" will find me here and read it.  I can be open and honest as much as possible here, but there are limits.  I have found that through my journey in blogging.  I would like to attend another blog conference sometime, with a friend possibly.  Maybe that can be another goal.  

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Cindy said...

You are an awesome reader. 60 books? Awesome!

I'm impressed and happy for you with your 2013 weight loss. I know you will be even more successful in 2014.

Cultivating/maintaining friendships is an important, on going goal. You are right, it's the key to staying young at heart!

Happy New Year!