Monday, January 20, 2014

Clean Closets and Fruitcake

Yesterday was such a wonderful day at home.  I didn't have to budge out of the house until about 4:30 to pick up my art from the show.  So I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen, cleaning out the bird cages, and getting stuff ready for fruitcake makings.  After awhile I decided that it was then time to clean out my closet, yet again.  That is a project that will be ongoing.  I tend to wash my dirty laundry and then keep it in a basket.  I'm bad I tell ya, bad.  I also have a corner box or basket that I keep in the closet just for get rid of clothes."  I purge all the time when I feel that I have not worn something in a year or it is stained or just plain OUT OF STYLE!  Now I have another pile to take to Goodwill this week.  My closet looks better but I still need to purge more.  

The Hubby came home from the office (yes work is 7 days a week sometimes) and I told him I was going to take a quick nap.  Well, that didn't last too long but it was a nice nap.  I showered and then we headed to The Garden Trug to get my stuff.  Unfortunately I didn't sell a thing but it was great fun and so many people came to see my stuff.  That is a great way to get my name out there.  
Dinner, and then I was on to make Momma's White Fruitcake.  I know it is not the season but I have accomplished so much stuff on my to do list lately and this was one that still had not been checked off.  It's easy to make but bakes for 90 minutes so you have to be willing to wait for the process.  The process I have written before here.  So yummy and the minute I took it out of the oven I had a piece!  Well worth it for sure.  One of the ingredients in it is spiced pickled peach juice.  Let me tell you that is sometimes a very hard ingredient to find.  Yesterday I had neither spiced pickled peach juice or canned peaches so I opted for spiced rum.  There is only 3 tablespoons in it and you know what I think I could even use water with the same effect.  Worked great.


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post. Hope your closets get sorted soon!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Ah, another fruit cake lover! I have never heard of spiced pickled peaches but I'm sure they are out there. Perhaps you could make your own? Do you "age" your cakes with rum or brandy? I ate the last of this year's cake a week or so back. Sure going to miss having some every now and then, but I refuse to make it but once a year. Enjoy yours.

Kay said...

Oh my! My husband is such a fruit cake lover. He'd be at your house in a jiffy if we lived next door.