Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  I am in the midst of helping with the planning of my 40th high school reunion.  I am not that old, am I.  We had a meeting last night and it was actually great fun.  I'm kind of getting excited about this one.  It's not like I haven't seen anyone since high school, cause we have had a reunion every 5 years since 1974, except the 35th!  Here's to making NEW friends!

2.  I hate bananas.  Yes I do.  Well, I guess hate is a very strong word.  I can eat them and then all of a sudden I want to hurl.  It's the texture I think because I do like the smell and the taste, well sometimes.  

3.  I have a standing pedicure/manicure appointment every 5 weeks and a massage, facial, reflexology, and hair appointment every 4 weeks.  I have earned this, trust me!

4.  I have been out of high school 40 years; married 38 years this month; have an almost 35 year old and almost 29 year old daughters; 15 month old granddaughter;  an almost 79 year old father; and almost 87 year old mother-in-law.  I am almost 58 years old!!!!  EEK!  It's all just numbers.

5.  This random thing is kind of hard and taxes the brain.  It's good to tax the brain.  It makes it fire and sputter and work and keeps it all oiled up!  I do Sudoku all the time, in fact I'm obsessed with it at times.  I have it downloaded on my KindleFire and work the puzzles for hours sometimes.  I used to do the newspaper crossword and Sudoku but quit a few years ago.  My daddy does his every single morning.  

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hello my fellow banana-hater! I can't stand to smell them. I can't even drink a smoothie if it has banana in it! Such a shame too - I'm a runner - I'm supposed to love bananas.

Beth Edwards said...

#3 sounds so smart. i am glad you have earned it. i wish i could find some one who did a great job & i would sign up. i had one for my wedding when we got married in '04. have not done it since. i have heard it is great for your health & well being.

happy weekend. ( :

Snap said...

It is all just numbers. I have a standing hair appointment -- good thing, too! I love bananas. Enjoy the reunion planning. I've never been to one of mine. I didn't like high school much. Happy Friday!

Karen said...

I don't like bananas, and I'll be 58 in two months! I have a massage every 4 weeks, it's heavenly!

Ida said...

My 40th reunion is this year too (am I that old too?) - When's your birthday?

I hate bananas too. Oh I am just like you, I can eat them but at a certain point they start to make me gag so I tend not to even start eating one. - It's the texture thing like you said.

I'd love to get a manicure except at times I'm a nail-biter and right now I'd hate for anyone to look at my fingers. Time to let them grow back out. Now the massage sounds good.

augcott said...

LOL ... I love bananas BUT they have to have brown spots all over them before I can eat them! :-D
This year would be our 43rd year since graduating ... I haven't been to any of our class reunions ... kind of regret it.
Happy New Year!
diane @ aug's blog

Nancy Claeys said...

I like bananas. :) And I'll be 54 in 2 months. How did I get this old?

Rose said...

I graduated in 74, I turned 58 in November, have two daughters, one granddaughter, but no parents or parents-in-law.

I love jigsaw puzzles, used to do crossword puzzles, and do Sudoku...

Sarah Huizenga said...

Totally agree the pampering sessions are well deserved.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Totally agree the pampering sessions are well deserved.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Now we know all about you!

My son retches at the sight of bananas. Some of the kids at his school used to chase him with them until we put our foot down with the administration.

I've only been to one reunion, the 20th, and missed my 40th. Most of my classmates have turned into bitter old tea partiers.