Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Day After

Yesterday was AWESOME!  So many came to see me at The Garden Trug.  The art will still be there until 5 today but I won't be back until around 5 to pick it up.  
So exciting to see a few people from so long ago.  Leland, who graduated the year before I did walked in the door and I was flabbergasted!  It has been absolutely YEARS since I have seen him.  What is awesome is that I never even spoke to him in high school but he comes by to support me!  What a nice guy.  Ladies from my book club, an old friend from my old ladies group, Beta Sigma Phi, old church friends and even a lady that went to high school with my Dad.  She saw it on Facebook and had to come by.  So very awesome that I had the support and friendship.  I am truly honored by he love and support! 
Before the doors opened I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures, just in case I might find something to paint! 

...possibly an abstract! 

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Kay said...

I see some lovely pictures that you'll be creating.