Sunday, April 06, 2014

Planting Has Begun

All of these pictures say everything I am feeling right now.  SPRING!  I couldn't be happier that gardening time is here.  
My new lilacs are popping and the very old one we moved when we added on to the house. 

I really went totally overboard at the greenhouse on Friday and got tomato plants, along with peppers, cucumbers and various herbs.  I know it's early. 

But I had a lot of help and my Wall-O-Water's to make the transition to warmer temperatures.  I've used these things for years and they really work.  I also don't have enough and need to go back to the greenhouse to buy more (hope they have them)! 
Clayton was great help along with the robin in the previous picture.  See if you can spot her.

What is amazing is that I tilled and hoed and pulled weeds and planted over 15 plants but got up this morning without nary an ache or pain!  That is great progress after 25 pounds of weight gone.  

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Beryl said...

A 25 pound loss and a Clayton picture! Terrific!