Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art Workshop

Yesterday and for the rest of the week I have and will be in a wonderful workshop given by renowned American Impressionist Derek Penix.  He is local and Tulsa should be very proud that he lives here and we can claim him.  

We met the first three hours of this 3 day workshop in his studio (I covet).  I was in awe at the ease of his painting strokes and technique.  It is amazing that he just starts swiping (drawing) and ends up with an amazing painting. 

After sitting mesmerized by his skills we ventured over to the Carriage House behind the Garden Center at Woodward Park to begin applying what we observed.

This is what I managed to accomplish from one of his photos from his travels to the French Riviera.  It definitely has a long ways to go to look like his stuff but I like it so far.  I know there is paint on the thing but he wants me to apply MORE, MORE, MORE!  Maybe today I will.  We're also going to paint birds today, another of his specialties.   

He also was selling a lot of his "studies" and I was lucky enough to acquire these two lovelies. 

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