Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Daddy and the doctor...Yes, yesterday we had another doctor appointment as Daddy is still not well.  He apparantly is anemic and his blood volumne, platelets...something is down, down, down, low blood pressure.  I know they have given him blood before and he was on iron when he was in the hospital/skilled nursing care, yet they have neglected to tell us why.  Hi count should be over 12 I think they said, his is 8.  7 and they will do blood transmission.  Anyway, the clinic still did not have my phone as the contact from a month ago.  The only thing they changed was to put the word CELL by Daddy's home phone number.  The problem is he rarely answers the phone and flat won't talk on it.  Explains why I have not been called to set him up with a cardiologist.  Now we had to get an appointment for a colonscopy, another referrel.  Today I decided to wait and see what was going to happen.

The phone rang and finally got the referral for the colonscopy and it is all set up.

NOW why I am so mad. Since the gastro place called I was afraid that they may not have pushed the heart doc referral so I called the clinic. I just got a call that "we're afraid that we cannot discuss anything with you because there is no HIPPA form or verbal that they can." I told the lady that I didn't have an issue scheduling the other appointment, just scheduling. She still insisted. Then I said, "look they just called my Daddy and he could not hear and then they called my number." She still could not help because there is NO HIPPA FORM or verbal, she needed to witness. I said I was JUST IN THAT DAMN OFFICE AND THE DOC AND THE NURSE AND THE RECEPTIONIST just saw me interacting with my Daddy and helping and they told me this was fine. She told me I had to bring him back in and fill the HIPPA form out in front of them. CRAAAAAP! Good grief, why did they not have us fill out that form the two times we have been there. I will have to go get him next week and take him to that damn office just to say 'YES, talk to my daughter."
MADDER than a wet hen I am.  

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Carma Sez said...

that is a big mistake on the part of the medical office. My son just turned 18 so I had to make sure to have him fill one out so that I could help him out when he had a doctor visit. BTW it is technically "HIPAA" - learned that when I got my CMA a few years back ;-)