Monday, September 17, 2012

Trucking Along

Life is just trucking along here.  We are waiting patiently, or impatiently for the little lady to make her appearance.  It is so exciting and every time my phone rings or pings I run to see if it's "THE CALL!"  

Last weekend we stayed in town and enjoyed a most wonderful time on the new patio.  It's not quite finished but close enough.  The furniture has arrived with us having to exchange the bar stools.  We bought them somewhere along the measurement line our expectation of height was WRONG.  The countertop was set and I climbed on the new one and my nose was on the counter.  So we exchanged them for these and now The Hubby thinks they are too tall.  I told him to make up his mind.  I prefer to not be wiping my nose on the counter please.

I snapped this picture but failed to get the new fountain just around the column. 

Poor little Clayton.  He is not happy here because of the flies that were buzzing around.  He preferred to watch from the foot stool just inside the door while we enjoyed the weekend.   
Oh look, more furniture.  This little cafe table is perfect for the corner.  We have a bigger table too but needed extra seating.  The chairs I got on a huge sale from Pier One.  I love them. 
Awww, life is so good.  

This past weekend we finally had to go to the cabin and make sure everything was okay.  We've missed so many weekends this summer but everything will level out.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately jumped back into the car to go for Mexican with several of the cabinites.  It was yummy and when back to the cabin it started raining.  We opened the windows and slept with cool temperatures and soft rain falling all night long. 
I got up early, about six to feed Clayton and stayed awake a bit then the hypnotic sound of the rain pulled me back to bed and I slept till eleven.  So wonderful and restful, the whole weekend.  Sunday morning The Hubby didn't get up till ten.  He SOOOOO needed the sleep.  We had Hari and Jimbo over for dinner Saturday night.  I make chicken and noodles, a good stick to your ribs dinner.  
The flowers are some of the last for the season, wildflowers.  
Goodbye Oklahoma Summer, I'll miss you! 


Beryl said...

Your patio looks wonderful. I'm not sure I could climb up on those high chairs, but bet you'll love sitting around that cute red table. Nice picture of your polished toes, too.

Winnie said...

Loving your patio! The bright colors of the table and chair set is so cool and happy in feel. Can't wait to see the finished patio. Can't wait to hear about the family addition soon!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your patio is awesome and I hope that new baby gets here soon!!

Kathy said...

I am loving the bright happy colors on your patio! They are awesome!!