Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alarm Clock Woes

Good early morning.  This is the second time in as many days that The Hubby and I have NOT heard the alarm.  I don't know if it's the changing weather, our exhaustion, The Hubby actually working in the field or just excitement of the upcoming birth of grandbaby.  We have just been sleeping in and I told him that I believe our bodies are trying to tell us something.  TAKE A BREAK!  I'm sorry that I've missed workout but it is what it is.

Baby is still keeping herself hidden away in B's tummy so we wait but she's probably just not cooked enough.  The excitement is almost overwhelming.  She will be here when she is ready!

Monday I missed yet again the portrait drawing class.  It was the third class but I had only been to the first one.  Monday mornings and B not working, that means I have to be at the office so it was interfering with that and I was NOT going to give up the art class with Ross on Tuesday's.  So something had to give and since I was not happy with the class anyway, well it had to go.  Class Tuesday was awesome.  I was out of projects but told Ross I wanted to try something new, pastels.  Actually, I still have the pastel set that my parents gave me at age 14 so I dug them out and told him that is what I wanted to do.  What FUN!!!!!

It's not finished, that will have to be tackled in next Monday's class, but what fun I had.   


Beryl said...

I do like those Sunflower paintings. I think it's healthier to wake up naturally, but that's just not possible in America. I even have an alarm set to get to Water Aerobics class.

Michelle said...

The waiting for baby game is exciting, but exhausting!