Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pat Conroy

Yes, I know I have been MIA but we are still in limbo (baby) and having a hard time with words lately.  On a good note, I was invited yesterday to go to the Tulsa Town Hall to listen to author Pat Conroy speak.  WONDERFUL!  I have never read his books, and I know that is odd because I read a lot, but it's true.  A couple of his books:  The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini. Hey, I know those movies, right.  In fact The Great Santini is one of The Hubby's favorites, and mine.  Pat said he just finished writing The Death of Santini a few days before so I will be on the lookout for that.  I didn't know they were autobiographical books about his life.  Wow, I have already ordered and downloaded a few of them to read.

The auditorium was packed yesterday at the PAC.  I never saw so many grey heads bobbing around but I also saw several empty seats and I say this with a reason.  My friend C, who tends to be late and I knew was coming to the program was left outside without a seat and two $75 tickets in her hand.  I called her to see what she thought of the speaker last night and she told me she didn't get in.  "They" told her there were no seats left.  I said to her that was a flat out lie, that we had seats around us.  She said there were several people left out in the lobby to watch a TV screen with tickets in their hand.  She was livid and I don't blame her but I think what may have happened is that, when he started, the policy is no one gets in in the middle to interrupt.  They offered to give her the money back but she told them she didn't want her money back she WANTED TO HEAR PAT CONROY SPEAK!  I don't know if she got the money back but she didn't get in.  Sad.

I am sorry for her but I had a wonderful time and I also got to spend time with a lady I am trying to begin a friendship with.  Bev is the friend and high school classmate that The Hubby hooked up with his best friend and they've now been married about 3 years.  The Hubby's bestie lost his wife Gail my bestie 6 years ago and I've written about it many times.  Yesterday was great.  We had great talks, listened to the speaker and a fabulous lunch at Stonehorse where I bought her lunch in appreciation of the invite to the morning.  She is now in my book club too, so the path to a long friendship has started.

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Beryl said...

It's too bad the tickets didn't state that late comers wouldn't be seated, which I have seen on many tickets in Seattle. I have a friend who also tends to be late, but she has never been late when she knows this. Which I love because the disruption of her showing up after the program has started has always been a source of embarrassment to me.
Sharing the love of books can be a great basis for long friendships. Or at least I have found it to be. For my husband, sharing the love of sports would be more likely.