Friday, September 14, 2012

A Quick Note

I am still here.  The writing juices have not been flowing so I'm chosen to just stay quiet for a bit.  I would imagine things will be spilling here in few days.  We are anxiously awaiting the birth of baby Rio and that has my mind occupied.  The backyard is still rocking and rolling and hopefully I will have finished pictures soon.  Right now the fence is gone, totally gone and of course it is raining so the guys have not been back.  Poor Clayton is not allowed to go out there without a leash because he is an escape artist for sure.  I've had to run after him twice this week alone.  We have got to get that done because the granddog will be here to stay while B and baby are in the hospital.  Things will work out.  Now we are planning a cookout for the mother-in-law for her 85th birthday.  She has had a rough few months with a nephew being very nasty to her about here "older" sister, and she can't let it go.  I can't stand it when people hurt her, she is one wonderful lady.  Okay, that is all I'm spouting about today.  Just keeping in touch with everyone...toodles!

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