Sunday, September 23, 2012

Multiplying Bunnies

Yesterday I decided that since my easel was totally empty of anything to paint that I would try and set up some still life's to paint.  What happened was me digging through my china hutch and getting rid of some stuff and finding memories long forgotten.
As I was pulling all kinds of junk out I found a raggedy, torn gift bag with these wrapped in old newspaper.  I remember them fondly.  Actually half are mine of the blue birds and the other half, including the red bird, were my Granny's.  I believe they were made by someone in Arkansas and were very popular at the time.  I loved them and now I have a whole aviary of little blue birds, and Mr. Red Bird!

Bunnies, I found bunnies but as usual they began to multiply...the large one in the above picture was my mother's.  I think it was given to her with flowers or a plant when I was born.   
See, multiplying...I found another one several years ago at the flea market and couldn't resist... 
the metal one was Granny's.

More treasures.  Cups and saucers that were Grandma's, Granny's, Greatgranny's and Momma's.  Now they are all mine.  The little tiny girl by the wishing well was Momma's when she was little girl.  I love it.

The top of my parents wedding cake...hey, who's intruding on the picture...
My favorite movie character...we had the record album story of the movie and I could recite every line from the movie plus sing the songs.  Momma would put it on the record player at nap time everyday and we would listen to it.  I still have the horribly chipped record and album cover.

Awww, three little elves waiting till it is time to come out and play at Christmas.  These too were Granny's.  

All these things makes me remember being at Greatgranny's and seeing all of her lovelies on her little shelves in the freezer room.  We loved to go in there, stand on the bed and touch her things.  People were all the time bringing her knic-knacks.  She is the one who taught me about knic-knacks and I have many.  Often she would send us home with some of her precious things.  I can't wait to do the same with little Rio and make memories with her.

Oh, and last but not least were these beauties.  Someone gave them to me a few years ago and I totally forgot about them.  Now I remember why I started really digging in that hutch, candle stick holders for these.  Man I can get sidetracked but made for an awesome blog post, don't you agree!  Memories!


Beryl said...

Wanting to write some kind of adult comment, but something about this post really threw me back about 50 years. Maybe it was the Bambi? Thanks for the visit to the past!

Sweet Tea said...

Great finds that stirred up lots of warm memories for you. Fun, huh?

Janie B said...

Those bluebirds of happiness are still made at Terra Studios in Durham, AR, just a few miles from my home. They are still a popular item there. You can stand and watch the glass blowers make them at the studio.

I cleaned out some stuff this weekend, too. Feels good doesn't it?

Kay said...

These are such fun collections. Sigh... I had to give away or sell a lot of our things when we moved back to Hawaii.

Michelle said...

I still love to stand in front of my Grandma's china hutch and look at her treasures just as much as I did when I was young. I recently found a set of tiny tumblers that my Grandma has and I loved. (Maybe they are more like shot glasses but I refuse to think of my Grandma having shot glasses!)