Friday, August 05, 2011

Wild Brew - Graduation

Saturday night The Hubby and I and B&B2 attended a fundraiser fo rthe Sutten Avian Research Center call Wild Brew.  Tons of people, food and BEER!  When you enter the venue they give you these tiny plastic glasses to sample the different beers.  I had two because I was the designated driver.  Most everyone else REALLY enjoyed themselves.  Beer's just not my bag much.  But it was fun.  The Midlife Crisis Band was on the stage and so dancing was a must, according to The Hubby. 

See the glasses were pretty tiny and they didn't even fill them very full. 
B and The Hubby taking a twirl on the dance floor.  I did my time too. UGH. 

Thursday night we attended B2's electrical trade school graduation.  That means he went to school one night a week for 4 years and worked a full time job (8,000 hours as and electrician).  His first year he was apprentice of the year!  We are very proud of him and he's very glad it is all over, except for the journeyman test.  All graduates received a ton of gifts and $125 in gift certificates!

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carma said...

congratulations to B2 on his graduation - that's a lot of hard work - but a very helpful profession to get into!