Monday, August 29, 2011

Projects, Projects Everywhere

Good Morning All! It's Monday and I'm ready for the week. B starts teaching again which means more time at the office for me again. I guess I'm ready. I love having time off but with people in and around my house it is hard to find "quiet" time to read or paint so not much was accomplished in those departments. This week we should have the marble stuff complete and the painter will start applying color. I'm getting really excited to have it done. Nearly 8 months of constant traffic around the house is just too much. It's really a good thing I'm pretty patient. I guess all the waiting I do pays off. Construction coming to an end does not mean we're done. We just purchased a rent house to fix up. Actually, it might have been a flip house but that market is at a standstill in this economy so a rental it will be.
Sort of looks like our first home.  
It was a one owner, lived in for about 50 years or so but not fixed up in many years. 
First task, cleaning up the greenery around the house.  The reason we found it in the first place was because we were called to put the electrical service back up after a tree limb tore it off the house after a recent storm.  The guy we hired did an excellent job but WOW! 
The hardwood floors are in excellent shape after the carpet was pulled up.  They need a bit of cleaning up from the pad underneath that had deteriorated but should be great. 
We got a bit of furniture in the deal, including this working Kimball organ.  Not sure what to do with it but A in California wants it.  Not too keen on shipping an organ to her.  May have to store it for a bit.  Thought about donating it to a small church somewhere. 
This bathroom is not functioning right now and this one works but runs and runs and runs. 
Kitchen cabinets are in great shape and the Formica too.  The oven/stove is weird but cool.  It's a Tappan with the ovens on top and on the bottom you push a button and pull out the burners, four I think.  They are a bit rusted but it works great.  A bit of cleanup and voila.  
Yes, that is ICKY carpet in the kitchen.  Not sure what is underneath but a bit of flooring and it should be good. 
Hey, we love projects!

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