Friday, August 26, 2011

Old Friends

Yesterday I had lunch with my dear friend C for her birthday.  It was so nice to visit and be with my friend.  We then came to the house so she could see the progress of the construction.  Chat, chat, chat, my day was really nice but it wasn't over.  As I have mentioned before my old high school best bud contacted me and over many long emails we made plans to meet.  It had been 37 years or so since we have seen each other and in high school we were "thick as thieves."  We just took different paths, even though she lives close we just never contacted each other, till now.  Last night we met for dinner.  I was anxious all day long, just couldn't wait for 5 o'clock to roll around.  Finally, I walked into Abuelo's at about 4:45 to sit and wait.  I sat and watched the door in anticipation and then right on the nose of 5 p.m., in the door S walked.  I stood up and approached her as she took her sunglasses off, then we kind of ran into each other arms hugging each other tightly and crying.  Why in the world did we wait so long to mend this falling out.  Oh my goodness, we stepped back wiping tears and then embraced again and sobbed, tears of happiness and sadness that we were fools.  Wiping the mascara and tears we were seated in a booth, ordered drinks and smiled as we looked at each other, a few more tears falling.  Memories and stories were shared again with laughter and some sadness.  I was very sad to know that all those years ago and she has and had to deal with some horrible health issues and family woes, I was not there to be her friend.  Makes me mad that we parted that way but we both agree it was probably what we needed, our paths that were meant for each of us to walk.  Although I don't think we could pinpoint what facilitated the breakup we agreed there were a few things that attributed to it.  We are not blaming or angry about it, we are just glad we are talking now.  A few hours later, 5 to be exact we finally decided that it was time to let them try and close the restaurant.  I did not get to my car until 10:30 last night.  We talked for 5 solid hours.  Amazing.  We can't wait until we see each other again, very, very soon. 

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