Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend of Errors

This weekend we opted to stay in town and enjoy just being home.  The weather has finally settled down to tolerable temperatures and made it a nice weekend to hang out in our backyard.  The Hubby first had me take some snapshots of his hair that he has been growing to send to our girls.  When I met him he had long beautiful hair I LOVED and for awhile he was having it buzz cut, like a Marine.  I HATED it.  So now he's growing it. 

Wasn't he a cutie!  Oh my bad, Isn't he a cutie!!!!!
Saturday morning we both got up with the thought of visiting the local flea market.  Walking around I saw this little guy taking a nap in a box of scarves while his owner sold wares.
Back home, the weather good I was bound and determined to make use of the new air chairs that The Hubby got for me.  I sat, drank a glass of iced tea and finished a book while The Hubby did a little cleanup.  I LOVE to watch him piddle around and he does it so well.  Keep it up my dear!
The book finished and getting a bit sleepy I didn't want to go inside so I got the in-town hammock (no picture) out.  I'm not as fond of it as the one at the lake (see below).   I just can't seem to break it in.  The fabric is slick and has absolutely no give.  That also explains my twittering yesterday. 
I ended up on the ground not once but twice in that stupid hammock.  Not the green one above but the orange one I hate.  I actually slid off onto the ground and my glasses flew off in the yard which I didn't realize until I got situated back in the damn thing.  I had to get up again which I slid out again and look around to find my glasses.  Good grief, there is no give in the thing.  I wiped off the mud from my backside and knees and finally got settled yet again to read and try and doze.  All this probably explains the crick in my neck this morning.

Last night The Hubby took me to dinner at a place called Campus Grill across from the University of Tulsa.  You know there will be students and there were.  It was not busy at all so we sat in a booth by the window.  Shortly after we sat down a couple of guys, students walked in.  The first guy walked up the steps where we were sitting to the booth behind us.  While he walked up he, very loudly, read the blackboard special of beer for $1.50.  They sat down, my back to them and the loud guy just got louder.  My first observation was he looked like "Where's Waldo.  He had wild hair, very skinny and a strange striped t-shirt with black rimmed glasses.  He was going on and on about his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend.  She apparently cheated on him.  He couldn't understand why.  I could, Mr. Waldo Loud-Mouth.  This guy COULD NOT whisper or talk softly for nothing and everyone in the place could hear him.  Then he started talking about some teacher and how weird the guy was with no social or people skills.  Really.  Must say his conversation was very interesting but obnoxious, and made my meal the fastest I've eaten because I couldn't wait to leave, as did a few others. 

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I'm back to the bloggy world! It has been a long time and I have been keeping up with your blog from a far!!!
I promise I'll have something worthwhile to read soon!