Friday, October 17, 2008

"Weighty" Decision

I have made a "weighty" decision. Last night I told The Hubby that I was going to quit going to Jazzercise, at least to the one I attend. Two years ago we lived less than five minutes away from the center I went to so it was not a big deal but now that we have moved it is a 20 minute drive one way. Still that is not a big deal but now that the owner has changed the class times to 5:30 a.m. it means I have to get up a lot earlier. I'm a class manager. A class manager opens the doors, puts the coffee on (hello, it is 5:30 am), turns the computer and lights on, and is responsible for checking people in and/or selling passes. I have a lot of responsibilities for that early in the morning and only get free Jazzercise. It is not enough pay to remember all the owner wants us to know about selling passes, tromping down trash, vacuuming carpet gunk and just stuff. That really is beside the point. Because I have to be there so early and the drive is long I have to get up between 4:30 and 5 just to be here in time to do all that stuff and then workout. I'm tired. I am so sad about this decision but it just has to be made. I can attend another center that is closer and I will check it out but I can also get cardio at my personal trainer place too, so that is still an option. My sadness is that I will not be with my friends everyday and lets face it I'm down some friends. My heart is breaking by this decision. We hopefully will still get together for coffee, drinks or dinner and the once a year girls weekend, Hanging of the Bras. This tradition of working out 5 days a week with my friends has been a part of my life for over 10 years, how do you give that up. Things have been changing around here anyway so I see it as just part of the change. There are a lot of the ladies that are pissed off at the owner anyway by all her changes so the attendance is dwindling anyway, maybe she will get the hint, but I doubt it. There will be a lot more "leaving" when she implements the rest of her plan but she just doesn't see it. Maybe I'll try yoga!

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