Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Massage Day

Finally, today after a few months of cancelled appointments I am going for my massage and facial. I like to have them every few months or so but that stupid staff infection I couldn't go. I am so ready for it. I actually worked out this morning with my Jazzercise friends after another week off. It is so very bittersweet though as this is my last week to have this time with my friends. It was sad this morning though because there were only 6 in attendance. I can so see the demise of the group and it just breaks my heart. I have been sharing my early mornings, coffee and sweat for over 10 years with these women. We have become bonded as friends, true friends and I am leaving it behind. Don't get me wrong I will see them when we have coffee once in awhile or a girls night out or the weekend the "Hanging of the Bras" but it is just not the same. These ladies have given me such comfort and companionship in some of my darkest days. When my dear Gail died they were there to wipe my tears. When I started really losing weight the kudos and compliments I received just encouraged me on and on. When Momma died four of the ladies showed up at Mommas funeral even though they had never met her, they were there for me. Now that connection will be pulled to a thin thread that can be severed very easily if we don't keep it strong. That is a hard task as I've had several groups go by the way-side like this and they have failed. Hopefully we are close enough that this won't happen. As I drive to south Tulsa one last time on Friday I think I may be crying, yes I know I will. I will be very sad all day long and it might be worse on Monday morning when I don't have to get up. I think if the weather is good I'll walk, maybe!

Yesterday I picked up a current copy of the Oklahoma Magazine and as I turned the pages I was caught by the article about the to 75 blogs/websites in Oklahoma. Several I read on a regular basis so I tweeted and left comments on a few to let them know they were included. Alas, I was not one of them. Maybe next year. Congrats to all for the nod. Happy Tuesday All!

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