Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Grief

Here I sit at noon on Thursday totally enjoying my day off. I went to workout, came home and took a shower, did some dishes, dolled up and had a little lunch and just sat down to write a little when I hear the garage door open. First of all I never get a whole day by myself at home without The Hubby coming home for something or lunch or "something". Second I just don't the day off that I have worked for like I want to. The Hubby breezes in to let me know that one of the contractors we invoiced will be in the office in about 30 minutes to pay some if not all of his invoices. The Hubby wants to know what they are and is there more than just one and how much exactly. I ask why and the response is that the contractor can't remember how much exactly. Excuse me but if you are billed for over $20,000 wouldn't you know exactly how much an stupid invoice is and have a copy. I mean really. So now, on my day off I have to cut this little entry short because I have to go into the office to figure out what the idiot owes us. I had my day planned and now it has a kink in it. I don't like that.

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Kim said...

Men. Are. Exasperating.