Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lab results

The doctors office just called and my lab results were fabulous and all within the range of normal! My chest x-ray was good. That one always is a little scary for me since my mother died of emphysema and her father had lung cancer. I was never a smoker but was brought up breathing second-hand smoke. I'm still good!

Today I start bowling on a league again. I didn't start when the session started last month because I was not happy about my team they put me on last year. One of the ladies was fine but the other one drove me CRAZY! I found out last week that she was booted off the entire league. There was a problem with uh, embezzlement but it was handled. I was asked to be on another team of two guys, twin guys that never bowl anything under 200. No pressure there. I bowl about 140 average. It should be fun, I hope.

The Hubby and I also just got back from yet another West Cost Swing dance lesson. I'm telling you this guy is just eat up with dance. I really do not like it. I do not want to learn it. I am not comfortable with it. I am doing it because I love my husband and want to support him but I am going to have to draw the line on showing up at a group beginners session. It is because there will be other people there and I will have to dance with other people. Maybe it is because I don't have the self-confidence in myself. I really think I can dance pretty good and our private instructor says I'm an excellent follower. She makes me feel I am really pretty good, if I have a good lead. I think so too but I'm just not sure about inter-mingling with other novices. I think The Hubby has ideas of grandeur about the whole thing clicking in his head and he'll be this wonderful dancer. I hate to tell him this but NOT! He will have to take lessons for years and even then it may not happen but he has hope, I don't. Poor guy. Again I love him but when do I tell him that it is not going to happen.

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Kim said...

Congrats on passing your doctor's tests!

I miss bowling. I wasn't very good but it was fun.