Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Doctor Update

I made it to Dr. L's office right on time this morning. Of course the first thing to do is to step on the scale...damn it...I gained 2 pounds since I last saw him. That just can't be except I did have to take 5-1/2 weeks off being sick so I guess it took its toll on me. I will just have to keep working. My blood pressure was great and he spent a good 15 minutes just chatting about me, my life and telling me some good places to eat while we are in New York this weekend. I so love my doctor and it's also nice he's good eye candy. I was then sent to have my usual x-ray of my chest, blood work, oh and I got my flu shot so I should be good for the year.

After all that I decided to visit my daddy since I had not been there for a couple of weeks. He looks really good and is doing well but I can't say that for his poor little cat, Peaches the demon cat. She has been sick and is still very unsteady on her feet. I'm afraid Daddy won't take her to the vet because he is afraid that she may be Really sick and he can't deal with that. It would devastate him to lose that cat. He's the only one that loves it. She's a krazy kat!

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome that your health all checked out - I think 51/2 weeks off and only 2 pounds gain is pretty darn good!!!

I hope your dad's cat gets better!