Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Morning, Let's Rant and Rave!

Good morning to the one or two who read this blog. It is Thursday morning about 7:57 a.m. and I'm at home. I did not work out today, again. I have again been fighting that damned MRSA virus. It appeared this time in my arm pits. Yeah, I know it is gross but hey, such is the truth. It is not as bad as last time but I can hardly put my arms down, ouch, sting. I am again on another antibiotic and hopefully when I really need an antibiotic when I'm old it will work for me. I'm so very tired of having this crap going on. It is messing with my workout schedule, even though it is about to change anyway. I have written on my impending departure from Jazzercise, a five days a week commitment I have had in my life for over ten years. I may find another place to Jazz but that will be later. I will continue my personal trainer but all of this is a mute point if I don't get better. Right now sweating is not an option for my arms, OUCH! I am a Gemini so I do like to shake things up but there are some areas in my life I am pretty set in and don't like change. This hiccup in my life schedule has me a little upset. It just messes with me.

Today is another day off day and I'm not too sure what I want to do. Here I have wanted to have some days off and now that I have them I'm at a loss. I don't really have a friend I could call for lunch, tried that. The ones I could call work and can't seem to get off for lunch. I could go shopping, that is always an option, but just not in the mood to spend money. I could see a movie, but I will save that for Sunday as The Hubby is going out of town Sunday & Monday. I could clean out a closet, uh NO. I could read all day, but that is saved for the cabin. Crap, what do I do. I can't watch soap operas all day, which is what I did on Tuesday. I would love to go for a walk and light jog on this brisk day but alas, no sweating.

Here's a the Rant & Rave...I was reading on another blog about the flu shot and vaccinations. I fully endorse getting the flu shot and all vaccinations. I have a friend who chose not to have her children inoculated and let me tell you, from one who has had all of those nasty illness such as mumps, measles (2 kinds), and chicken pox (I have scars), it is not fun. My goodness, why put your child through that crap when you can prevent it. My girls had the chicken pox and a couple of years later they had the vaccine. The poor girls have scars on their faces like I do. They are not bad but you know they are there. Miserable, that is all I can say, miserable. The flu shot I get because I have a genetic weakness in my lungs as do my brother and sister. My family history is lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma. I also get a pneumonia shot. I've had pneumonia four times in my life. Everyone in my family gets a flu shot and they did it mainly to be around my mother when she was alive. She had emphysema and asthma, her father had cancer, emphysema and asthma, his mother (who never smoked) had emphysema. So you see I have reasons for my decisions. You may have reasons for not getting it but that is my stand. I'm just stating my belief.


Idabel Oklahoma said...

Watch the girls for shingles. My son had chicken pox at 5 and got shingles at 13 when he started getting stressed out in school. Dr. said a lot of kids that had chicken pox can start shingles if their under a lot of stress later on.

Jill of All Trades said...

Actually, we've already gone through that only two years after she had the CP.