Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Ramble

I had a wonderful workout at Jazzercise this morning. This the first full workout without leaving because of nauseousness or lightheadedness or no energy since I got the "virus" in July. I feel great. The antibiotic I'm on now I think is finally working.
I had to be at the office earlier than usual because B is back to teaching at TCC, her ESL classes on Monday and Wednesday. I have used all of my free time at home while she was out for the summer. She is teaching and taking classes and on Saturday she takes her "Comps" for her master's. She is very stressed but I so admire her doing all she is doing. She had better before they "possibly" decide to have children someday. Now she is talking about going for her PhD. WOW!
The weekend was very nice and quiet at the lake. I really didn't get too much reading done. Sometimes I just lose interest and that is not good with the huge book I'm reading now, "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle". I spent most of Saturday knitting and watching "The Bucket List" with The Hubby. Loved the movie.
Friday night high school football games started and I was oh so very happy that Broken Arrow stomped the daylights out of Union Friday, 24-9 ending a 22 game losing streak! YEE HAW! (Can you guess I'm a BA fan and alumni! So was my Daddy.)
Guess I will get to work today. Kind of lonely here today, Monday's usually are. I have a couple of invoices to type up and a quote, pay a few bills then NOTHING. Guess I'll spend the day playing ClubPOGO and reading blogs!

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