Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Fishing Weekend

The weekend got started off late as The Hubby had a Monday on a Friday. He didn't even roll into the house to pick me up to go to the cabin until 6pm. I had decided to ride with him this weekend so I sat and waited, and waited. That was okay as we had a nice drive up there. We arrived just before dark and he wanted to rush down to the dam and try to wet a line, as he calls it. I unloaded the car, turned on the water and began to prepare our easy dinner of a prepared chicken, microwaved baked potatoes and broccoli when I heard the door to the basement/garage swing open and The Hubby hollering at me to hurry and come here. I didn't know what was up but I ran out the front door and he was in the driveway with a fish basket and he yelled to get the camera. He had a huge wide mouth bass in the basket and he was like a little kid grinning and jumping up and down. I ran inside and got my camera while he got his out of his truck and we took these pictures of his catch. After the picture taking he grabbed the fish and ran next door to Harri and Jimbo's to show it off. I ran after him and when Harri opened the door he just went inside to show it off to Jimbo and Grumps who was also there. Needless to say this poor little fishy didn't make it back into the waters again. He usually throws them back but tonight, he is dinner.
4-1/2 pounds of wide mouth bass and Dinner
One Big Fish

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