Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My life on a Tuesday

My life on a Tuesday:

I was up as usual and out of the house at 5 am for Jazzercise. Our instructor Andrea gave us a bombshell though by letting us know that as of Thursday she will no longer be our 5:30 am instructor. She has taken a new job and has to be there at 6 so she can't. I am so not happy by this but I know that her life goes on and I would surely give it up for a higher salary too. Andrea became an instructor a few short months before I started at Jazzercise so I've been with her for about 11 years.

Moving on I rushed home for a quick breakfast and then back to the personal trainer and oh my goodness I won't be able to walk tomorrow. It was a good workout. It is so great to be back to sweating and sore muscles.

Again I was rushing home to take a shower and then have the gray disguised in my hair. I have toyed with the the idea of cutting my hair again but opted to keep growing it for a bit longer.

Now done with the running around I am home sitting in my favorite chair reading blogs and adding to mine while catching my soaps, As The World Turns and The Guiding Light. I plan on leaning back here in bit and drifting off for a quick nap. Man I love days off.


Kim said...

Ah, a day off. What a fabulous luxury. Enjoy!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Can you believe Dusty is alive!!!