Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hanging of the Bras

I'm back. I just did not have the desire last week to post, write, not a thing. I had a blockage with words. This morning I feel like I finally have the words to put to print but in this office I can't seem to find a quiet moment to type them. It is Monday morning here and it seems all the guys are still here at the office, not out in the field where they should be. I guess there are just too many things to gather up in the shop on their trucks and pipe to bend, etc. They need to get out and leave me to my thoughts please. While I was at the cabin with my girlfriends this weekend The Hubby caught up on some billing so my desk is knee deep in invoicing and I have to pay some bills.

Now back to the weekend, The Hanging of the Bras. What a wonderful weekend. The weather was AWESOME and the company was AWESOME. Friday afternoon I was able to get on the road about 1 pm with one of the girls following, Kat. We arrived, opened the cabin and then waited and waited. I really don't mind waiting, in fact if it is at the cabin that is just fine but that many hours with Kat is a little too much. Finding topics of conversation can be a little strained but we did okay. The other ladies finally started showing up about 6:30 and the party was on. There were 10 all together in attendance on Friday night with most of them leaving on Saturday afternoon leaving 3. I have all the ladies contribute $10 for food as I go by Olive Garden and get salad, lasagna and chicken scampi for our dinner with leftovers to eat on Saturday. I also made an fabulous egg casserole Friday morning for the next day. Then everyone else brings beverages (wine), snacks and sweets, there is not want for food. We ate dinner, laughed, cracked open about 6 bottles of wine and did the bus stop on the screened porch. Before we even had the first glass of wine the bras began coming off and were hanging on the string of party lights on the porch. Notice there are only seven bras, three of the ladies chose not to participate, party poopers. The laughter and dancing continued for me until I hit the sheets about 11:30. I just could not keep my eyes open after being up since 4:30. One of the ladies had a LOT to drink and they attempted to pour her into bed three times until she finally passed out about 2:30. What a party! It was great and I can't wait till next year. We've done it two years in a row, so far, with plans to continue. One of the ladies Desi, flies in from California to participate and it is her birthday. She used to be one of the Jazzercise ladies. The one downer for me was that I had to share a bed with Kat, my bed. Usually my cousin H shares with me but Kat wanted to get there early so she would have a bed and not the floor so it was my bed. Kat snores, not girl snores, guy snores. Oh my goodness, if I woke up at night it was non-stop snoring. She slept on her back the entire night and no amount of my jiggling the bed stopped her. PLEASE not next year, PLEASE!!! This probably explains the nap I took in the hammock and the nap I later took in my bed when she was gone. Good Grief!


Kelly said...

Oh the snoring! Enough to make me bonkers! At least the rest of the weekend was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such an awesome weekend!!! Wonderful!!