Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pamper Day

Today was a partial pamper day. I worked out and realized I'm still not 100% yet as I nearly passed out with the personal trainer. I will definitely be sore tomorrow morning as I roll out of bed at 4:45 a.m. I accomplished cleaning out the birds cages which were nasty and as I was trying to leave the house The Hubby popped in for leftovers and a quick dance step or two. We have a lesson tomorrow ARGHHHHH! I told him it would have to be a quick dance then I was off to meet B for lunch at Wild Fork for crab cakes. After a nice lunch with my daughter then it was to the office for an hour or so to deposit some checks then run to my manicure and pedicure! While sitting in the chair The Hubby called and reminded me that tonight and tomorrow night he and the other electrical journeymen have continuing education classes and they will be fed so I'm on my own. No cooking. Probably will order pizza tonight because I don't want to miss the Big Brother Finale! I'm really kind of boring today.

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Kim said...

Love the color of your toes!